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South Central Communications

Serving our communities and members since 1953

About Us

South Central Utah Telephone Association began offering telephone service to the rural areas of Southern Utah in 1953. Over the years, as the telecommunications industry and technology advanced, South Central Communications has become much more than a telephone company. Today, South Central Communications is the leading provider of high-speed internet and broadband solutions within every community we serve. Additionally, we provide fiber optic connectivity to our schools and businesses to ensure that we are doing our part to help our communities flourish.

Our Mission Statement: It is the Mission of South Central Communications to improve our communities by being the best provider of communications and entertainment services in the areas we serve and for the services we offer.

Our Vision Statement:It is the Vision of South Central Communications that we connect our members to the world through advanced communications that enhance their quality of life by providing innovative entertainment, data and voice solutions. We measure success by exceeding customers' expectations through excellent service.

What is a Cooperative?

South Central Communications is a Cooperative. In general, a cooperative is a business owned and democratically controlled by the people who use its services and whose benefits are derived and distributed equitably on the basis of use. The user-owners of the cooperative are called members/patrons. They benefit from the cooperative in proportion to the use they make of it. Members unite in a cooperative to get services otherwise not available, as has been the case with our cooperative. Additionally earnings are allocated to members based on the amount of business they do with the cooperative.

The benefits of belonging to a cooperative versus a for-profit communications company aren't found in the type of services offered, but rather in the quality of services, prices, support, and the motivation behind offering those services. As a result, the type and quality of South Central Communications' services are tailored to meet and exceed the expectations of our unique community and Membership. Since we are a non-profit cooperative, our mission to improve our communities by being the best provider of communications and entertainment services in the areas we serve and for the services we offer, is our top priority and forms the basis for how most decisions are made within our company.

Become a Member

If you and your family live within our service area, we would love for you to become a member of the South Central Communications cooperative. We offer outstanding, reliable entertainment and communications services including: local and long distance telephone service, broadband internet, television, computer repair, web & graphic design, as well as online billing. Give us a call today to become a member!

Board of Directors

Members elect a board of directors and the board sets up policy and hires a manager to run the day-to-day operations.

Vanya Hampton

District #1
Angle, Antimony, Burrville, Circleville, Fish Lake, Greenwich, Junction, Kingston, Koosharem, Marysvale

Elected to serve through 2016 annual meeting.

Brent Griffin

District #2
Boulder, Escalante

Elected to serve through 2017 annual meeting.

Annette Chynoweth

District #3
Bryce Canyon, Cannonville, Henrieville, Tropic

Elected to serve through 2016 annual meeting.

Brent Judd

District #4
Alton, Duck Creek, Glendale, Mt. Carmel, Orderville

Elected to serve through 2018 annual meeting.

Vice Chairman

Craig Laub

District #5
Beryl, Enterprise, New Castle, Modena

Elected to serve through 2018 annual meeting.

Lamont Black

District #6
Apple Valley, Hildale, Colorado City, Cane Beds, Centennial Park

Elected to serve through 2017 annual meeting.


Paul Pace

District #7
Bicknell, Loa, Torrey, Fremont, Lyman, Teasdale, Grover

Elected to serve through 2016 annual meeting.

Jon Torgerson

District #8
Panguitch, Hatch, Panguitch Lake

Elected to serve through 2017 annual meeting.

Wayne Wiseman

District #9
Minersville, Milford

Elected to serve through 2018 annual meeting.

Robert Houston

District #10
Kanab, Fredonia, Pipe Springs, Moccasin, Jacob's Lake

Elected to serve through 2016 annual meeting.

Refer to the bylaws to obtain information about becoming a director. Director applications can be obtained by emailing

Management Team

Michael East

President & CEO

Kerry Alvey

Vice President of Operations

Luke Geddes

Director of Non-Regulated Operations

Ronda Barney

Director of Human Services

Troy Brian

Inside Plant Manager

Lance Goulding

Construction and Engineering Manager

Marc McLemore

Accounting Manager

Duncan Reed

Outside Plant Manager

Alan Torgersen

Director of Sales & Service

Blake Keller

Director of Marketing

South Central Communications is the Internet service provider for:

UTAH - Antimony, Apple Valley, Beaver, Beryl, Bicknell, Boulder, Brian Head, Bryce, ,Bryce Canyon, Cannonville, Capital Reef, Cedar City, Circleville, Duck Creek, Elk Ridge, Enoch, Enterprise, Escalante, Fish Lake, Fremont, Garfield, Glendale, Grover, Hatch, Henrieville, Hildale, Hurricane, Iron Town, Junction, Kanab, Kingston, Koosharem, Loa, Lyman, Mammoth Creek, Marysvale, Milford, Minersville, Modena, Mt. Carmel, New Castle, Orderville, Panguitch, Panguitch Lake, Paragonah, Parowan, Piute, Strawberry, Summit, Swains Creek, Teasdale, Todds Junction, Torrey, Tropic
ARIZONA - Cane Beds, Centennial Park, Colorado City, Fredonia, Jacobs Lake, Moccasin

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South Central Communications Office Locations

Escalante Office
45 North 100 West
P.O. Box 555
Escalante, UT 84726
(888) 826-4211
Cedar City Office
856 Sage Dr, Ste 302
Cedar City, UT 84720
Kanab Office
318 North 100 East
Kanab, UT 84741
(435) 644-2810
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